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Dr Teacher tries to justify his existence

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Thief Drama

As everyone else was distracted being sociable in one room, in another a strange man was seen rummaging for something worth stealing. So what was he looking for? A shaving mirror? Whisky? No, according to police sources he was found with an industrial set of ear plugs….

Derbyshire saw us in isolated cottages huddled around warm fires (when we weren’t making the dash through the snow from the swimming pool).

Alan Not in Orange Sweatshirt Shocker!

As Alan sat down to his share of chicken nuggets and chips, it was noticeable that the famed orange Gap sweatshirt was somewhere else. Explaining its absence, Alan commented that “it needed a good break, so was spending some quality time somewhere warm and sunny where it would be truly appreciated.

Derbyshire 2008

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