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After years in the wilderness the Bore is back to take advantage of the gap left by the Sunday People with its mixture of scandal, sensation and surrealism. Without the benefits of phone hacking, private investigators or email interception the Daily Bore is able to bring you the same level of story by a more traditional means - making the whole thing up.

I am the man!

John and Shirl have always had alpha male syndrome, as demonstrated here in a 1990 photo when cloth caps were in (or not). Twenty plus years on and some things don’t change, click here for the story

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Growing Old Shocker!

This was where it group holiday heaven began. A hot summer’s day in Jersey, top hats and gloves, a bride in a white and a conversation along the lines of “that was a laugh, we should do it again.”

It’s good chemistry!

How education has slipped. Today’s children have the luxury of white boards and Facebook to ridicule their teachers. Back in the day it was a blackboard and a piece of chalk. That said, bonds were made over the bunsen burners that have lasted for over twenty five long years...where are the others, that’s the question!

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Anti-silliness campaigners have issued a warning today that silliness can be dangerous. Its new hard hitting advertising campaign is aimed at showing how to behave correctly in a range of different situations, in order to deter the easily led from being easily led.

"I'm sure it's the same for a lot of people," a Sensible League spokeswoman said. "You take a normally, well adjusted male - or even sometimes a female, put them with another one and before you know it they're being silly. That's being silly, not funny - there is a big difference."

The Be Sensible League (BSL) is trying to stamp out silliness it considers more subversive than simply walking in strange ways and talking in strange voices. This more dangerous type of silliness is characterised by crying tears of laughter when no one else can understand why, talking complete nonsense for hours, or, the most evil of all, touching tongues.

This last type of silliness is the worst because is masquerades behind the guise of a management tool. "It's ridiculous," said the BSL. "I mean, it wouldn't be a problem if the electric tongue affect could be transferred to the bedroom, but it isn't. What's more, those tongue warts are a bugger to get rid of."