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Isle of Wight 2012

The house was large, the bar was stocked and the beach was near. What could possibly go wrong in June?

As Howard modelled hats and Alan the sunglasses and brolly look, unfortunately it was the weather that took centre stage. The kids loved the hot tub, the adults less so after the tales of squashed snails....

Wet weather wasn’t going to dampen Chris’s enthusiasm for bbqing standing outside in the rain, especially when it was away from the house under cover and next to a chilled glass of wine. The peace was shattered by a small rabid mouse and John...

Whilst Jane enjoyed a day out in the rain, Thomas proved that it was like father like son as he too sported sunglasses in the rain. They live in hope in the Wilkins household.

IOW 2012

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Some of the house managed some quality beach time, although the choice of swimwear left a lot to be desired