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Dr Teacher tries to justify his existence

See the descent of man....

Deja Vu? 5 Years on

Look at Shirl in the picture left. See the smile, the position on the table, the lean to the left? He's in charge, and despite the best efforts of Alan and John to raise a smile it's just not going to happen. Unusual? Well, no not really....

Now look at the one taken five years ago in Scotland. See any similarities? See who's still at the head of he table, leaning to the left and looking as if he's having the time of his life? Yep, it's our man Shirl still there, enjoying himself in the only way he knows how.

More worrying is the lack of wine bottles in evidence in Norfolk. My how we've matured!

Cheating Ladies?

They look honest enough but did this group of women really play fair? Surely they could not have so comprehensively outplayed such a strong male contingent without resorting to a little cheating. Questioned after the event, Josie said "she wasn't there" (nothing new), Jane said "aren't I an honory Dover boy?" and Adelle, Sandra and Sarah said "Losers! Losers! Losers!". There's nothing like sportsmanship, or should that be sportspersonship?

Winning Team

They say it's the taking part that counts, but we all know that's b****cks. Here the winning team bask in their glorious victory, and one even shows he could have done it with his eyes closed.

Love's Sweet Dream?

Not yet married and looking every inch the loving couple, these two mooned their way through the week. In the photo you'll notice Shirl has turned his back, driving his imaginery car into the distance.

PS the t-shirts were sponsored by Percil Whites until someone drew on Howard's with a black pen.


Magnificent Men (and Women) with Their Flying Machines

Who would win the race to get their kite in the air first? Did Shirl and Adi have a kite or a complex piece of electrical equipment? Could Alan touch his toes? Was Chris doing a ballet step?

Haven't a clue, and who cares anyway?


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