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Northumberland 2010

Northumberland was Jane and Howard’s chance to prove it isn’t grim up north. It was all perfect, big house, grounds, sea view and some neighbours who we never saw but who certainly heard us.

Creche and Burn!

It’s not easy keeping kids entertained, as Jackie found out as she played the ‘sit on the stairs’ game. Susie had more luck with the ‘sit on the floor’ game, before she ran off for a six mile jog around the surrounding countryside. I learnt a lesson here - never believe someone who says they only ‘lightly jog’…

It is grim up north!

Just when we thought all our ‘grim up north’ jokes were wasted, it became grim up north. Yet another holiday in wellies and coats, and this time even the occasional hat may an appearance.

Northumberland p1                         Northumberland p2                             Northumberland p3

Bear John

Decked out in his full safari gear, John took Joe on a trip to the deep dark woods where he impressed him with his survival techniques and having a glow in the dark cigarette.