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Norwich 2014

Widely considered “one of the best houses so far”, (although see last years’ description of a house also considered “the best house so far”) this one near Norwich came with a private pool, tennis court, pool table, table tennis and kicking field for Thomas to relive rugby world cups of the past and future.

Non stop fun until we fell asleep

To prove we were still partygoers we organised (well Fi organised) caterers  to come in and give John a night off from finding excuses not to wash up. The night began with champagne and laughter….

See the Holiday Photos!

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See the Holiday Photos!

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…but as the evening wore on, middle-aged sleeping sickness struck the group. Al succumbed first, whilst Chris and Rachel laughed heartily at the lighweight in the corner…

…until two minutes later Chris too succumbed to one shandy too many, and Rachel disappeared off to find someone who could stay up until it got dark at least.

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