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Dr Teacher tries to justify his existence

Working for what?

Over the years careers have come and gone.  Some have gone up, some have gone down, some have gone sideways. Some just couldn’t be bothered and wondered what was the point of it all. But time marches on and now the more experienced, more mature and greyer leaders of our time share their thoughts and insights on the modern world.

Others might say rubbish ramblings. And they’d be right.

Mr Puddle-Dick Pain, ex-accountant, ex-teacher, ex-tennis pro provides the insights of a man who values his quality time.

Dr Teacher (forget the Dr at your peril) provides the insights of a man who has the zeal of a newly found Christian in his new role as...a teacher

Years of hiding as a pirate following the collapse of one of the UK’s leading retail banks came to end recently for Marvin X.

Following detailed investigations, some harassment with old photos, and the promise of a piece of cake, Marvin X opens up his kimono to reveal what he’s been doing since those heady days of high finance.

Here we can learn a little more about the random walk process for career choices.

Specky knew what he wanted to be when he grew up, but everyone persuaded him it wasn’t a good idea to be a hairdresser.

A career as an optician looked appealing when viewed through the lens of an outdated physics lab. Undaunted this young hero broke onto the scene spectacularly, testing eyes right and left.

Time - It gets us all in the end

…And then the one day you find

Ten years have got behind you

No one told you when to run

You missed the starting gun…