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The Wedding Remembered

It's been ten glorious years as man and wife for the Cookes, and they wanted to celebrate in style. So, with some people taking advantage of their hospitality and staying for the week, all was set for some fun in the sun.

Where were we?

There was some dispute as to whether we had actually visited Jersey, or a parallel universe called Shirly island. When questioned on the matter, Adi said "It's bloody well nothing to do with that lazy good for nothing. If I wanted to I could have him deported, and if he continues to insist on calling it Shirly island we might not last to our eleventh anniversary." Shirl though was having none of it, and was pictured here surveying his domain.


Shirl brought all his engineering skills to the beach when he gave the kiddies a lesson in how to bury someone in the sand. Freddie proved a willing victim, and the kiddies listened with intent.

Shirl was then less than impressed as the kiddies buried him even more effectively, and Ben took to smacking him around the head with his spade.

Once the job was done and our man was gone, Grace and Freddie debated how long someone could survive under the sand. Fortunately the tide came and uncovered what the lifeguards initially took to be a beach whale, before realising they had bought a tele from the man.


Alan proving once more he could fall asleep anywhere dozed fitfully in the zoo, only to wake up next to his long lost twin. Apparently separated at birth, only vigorous shaving and an ability to count beans had kept Alan on this side of the glass. Luckily on a vote of who should stay in the zoo and who should be released, Alan won by whisker.

Upon his release, Alan was then happy to spend many a happy hour enlightening these excited souls about the financial implications of running a zoo. Freddy has since put himself up for adoption.