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April 2000

Andy & Nadine

Castles in the North

Ripley Castle sounds grand and is, or was rather, before the re-enactment of the civil war at the end of this do ruined more than a few reputations. A great wedding in a great location ended in a bit of blur for most people, not just on the night but for some time after.

November 1999

Martin & Jackie

The Longest Day

It only took 12 years to come to fruition, but in Fawsley Hall the rings and bank balances were finally exchanged to the sounds of the Beatles. A drink here only cost a small house, so it was fortunate that those pilfering the supplies from the guests' bedrooms could sell their wares to cover the costs.

July 1999

Alan & Fiona

A Dover Girl Comes Good

Finally a do in Dover, and Alan is almost outdone by the dude in red as he attempts to become part of that great South East Kent family. A wedding notable for its whisky drinking and organised dancing, which saved most of us the trouble of swaying out of time to the music.

November 2001

Jane and Howard

Bacon Butties All Round

The day was long, the night was longer, but a round of bacon butties at midnight does wonders for your stamina. This wedding went ahead despite the best efforts of the Government to close Northumberland, ostensibly for foot and mouth, but you can never be sure it wasn't simply a ploy to keep the Geordies in and the southerners out.

June 1995

Shirl & Adi

How did he do it?

On a sunny day back in 1995, Jersey welcomed its new son, courtesy of a kind hearted Jersey girl who couldn't bear to leave him languishing on the mainland. Although it was a cruel trick to play on this pleasant island, the holiday it gave was worth it. Remember those great best man gags, like how many children do Catholic families have? Answer? I can't remember.

John&Rachel Chris wedding

August 2003 - SEE MORE PHOTOS

Chris and Susie

Hot hot hot

Ever tried eating soup while the sweat dripped into the bowl? This was wedding was so hot it sizzled right on to the early hours.


John and Rachel

They think it’s all over

The last of the weddings ended with a bang, and that had nothing to do with Captain Nemo’s dodgy club in Prague.

Weddings. Don’t you just love them. The stag party, the hen night, the wedding with good food and wine and an occasional sing-song. Luckily I was invited to a couple, and then even had one of my own so managed to enjoy a selection of up-market hotels (wedding) and down-market B&B’s (stag nights). Here is a selection that have spanned the years...