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Wiltshire 2003 P2

It was the holiday that was not meant to be. However kiddies, dogs and a desire to be in bed before midnight was not going to prevent this group of party animals from celebrating another year of still talking to each other. Within spitting distance of Trowbridge, in two small cottages (one for adults, one for children + dog owners) yet another week of nonsense passed. See fine specimens at play in tough sporting events, and even better in the pool...

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Accountant Drugs Shocker!

Who would have thought it? It just shows that the pressures of a job, coupled with raising a family and living on waffles in Brussels is enough to drive even the sanest man to drugs. Deprived of his usual stash, Alan reverted to shooting a line of smoky bacon from a crisp in order to get high. His willing pupil however couldn't make it past the roast chicken, which was a shame considering there were nine other exotic flavours to sample.

In his deluded state he even managed to persuade a group of weak minded individuals that they were actually starring in a remake of Harry Potter at Lacock Abbey. What a load of plonkers!

How Does It Work?

Babies proved one of the trickiest things to master during the week.

Sarah failed to realise that still holding the baby when the music stopped usually meant a nappy change.

Shirl and Adi on the other hand decided to use their years of experience to teach Grace how to drink properly from a bottle. In a fit of kindness they didn't inflict the Sloe gin on her, which had actually disappeared rather quickly (ho ho).

(In the background you can see how Howie left his car each day in the hope someone would nick it, something even John declined to do now he was a proud Mercedes driver).

Is all in the car

This year's "My car is considerably better than yours" competition was convincingly won by John as he arrived in his gleaming Mercedes convertible. "Cost me an arm and a leg, this did", he shouted over the scrape of wheel hubs dragging along the concrete wall as he reversed up the drive and into a hedge. "Luvelly motor, does over a ton without breaking wind. Bit like me really."

Later in the week however his tone had changed somewhat. "I told them it was yours Rachel," he was heard to whisper. "Said you'd earned it through hard work and dedication. I luv you."

Couple of the Year

Couple of the week this year went to the Chris and Susie, who obviously felt obliged to be affectionate on account of their upcoming wedding. However there was some evidence that their affectionate dribbling was not all genuine.

One intrepid photographer snapped the incriminating picture of Chris trying to throw Susie of a balcony having found out how much her wedding shoes cost.