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Thoughts for the days of April 2020

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Friday, April 10th

Today was Good Friday. And the sun shone. Actually it was hot, so we could at least sit in the garden. I pity all those without one at the moment.

That about sums up the Good Friday feeling. The news was grim again today as the UK pretty much hit the 1000 deaths per day mark. This is with us social distancing. No one mentions what it could have been had we continued to share armpits on the tube.

Today to kill some time we made a video. I dressed and danced like Taylor Swift. Actually that’s a lie. I dressed up like some middle aged bloke in a dress and danced to a Taylor Swift song, ably support by the rest of the family. Three minute of pure genius.

Request your own private viewing here:

Thursday, April 9th

Ran out of milk today. Obviously a first world problem, but in lockdown even getting a pint or two of milk requires some thinking about. If you go to get some, should you buy a whole load of stuff, or does that count as panic buying if you don’t need it. Or if you go and just buy milk, are you putting yourself and others unnecessarily at risk? In the end cowardice won the day and I learnt to drink coffee black, put water on cereal (the bread had gone a while ago) and bath in soapy water.

The other activity today was another lockdown virtual beer session. It was ok, but with children, wives, food and poor internet connection getting in the way it was more like a call with relatives than the usual talk about nothing but rubbish nights out.

All our hair getting long. Ordered some clippers in anticipation of them taking some time to come, stock disappearing in a couple of weeks and us being locked down through May.

Looking forward to mowing the lawn tomorrow.

Went for a quick walk to stretch the legs and admire how quiet the M25 was during the lockdown. Seems people are begining to take it seriously.

M25 during lockdown
M25 during lockdown rush hour

Tuesday, April 7th

Took part in a virtual beer session tonight. Makes you realise we’re not all party animals as people disappeared to watch Bake Off, bath the kids or have their tea. In fact, it was a much shorter session than going down the pub and might the template for future social outings. Quick beer, no need to dress up and then some TV. Job done.

The only thing that was weird as the people asking me to move the laptop around my room so they could see the things on my shelves and walls. It wouldn’t bother me if it had been a house visitor, but somehow the virtual examination seemed stranger somehow.

Monday, April 6th

On Coronavirus lockdown so put on my shorts on and ignored the wide array of smart clothes in the wardrobe. At what point shall I ditch the suits and ties that are clogging it up?

The thing with a Monday is now it doesn’t seem to be much different to a Sunday. Since I was made a part time worker I don’t have the usual rubbish Monday morning feeling.

Unfortunately the news is so grim around Coronavirus that it provides me with that feeling anyway.

With the kids on holiday and the wife working from home I’m banished to the kitchen, where the chocolate biscuits are hidden. Luckily I’ve found them, so I’m sitting here with chocolate smeared around my face looking slightly guilty.

Oreo cookies
Biscuits…controlling the urge…

As I like my maths I’ve been doing some arithmetic. I reckon if I have two biscuits with each cup of coffee, and I average about 5 coffees each morning, I should be finishing the packet some time on Wednesday.

Unfortunately that doesn’t tally with the biscuits in the packet. Bugger. I’m obviously eating more than two each time but not letting my conscious brain know.

It begs the question, do we really have free will? Many studies have shown that we move before our active conscious brain kicks in, so in some respects I can offload my biscuit eating guilt to the subconsciously bad part of my mind.

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