IOW 2012


The house was large, the bar was stocked and the beach was near. What could possibly go wrong in June?

As Howard modelled hats and Alan the sunglasses and brolly look, unfortunately it was the weather that took centre stage. The kids loved the hot tub, the adults less so after the tales of squashed snails….

Wet weather wasn’t going to dampen Chris’s enthusiasm for bbqing standing outside in the rain, especially when it was away from the house under cover and next to a chilled glass of wine. The peace was shattered by a small rabid mouse and John…

Whilst Jane enjoyed a day out in the rain, Thomas proved that it was like father like son as he too sported sunglasses in the rain. They live in hope in the Wilkins household.

Some of the house managed some quality beach time, although the choice of swimwear left a lot to be desired

It’s a Games Fest

Whilst previous holidays were marked by drinking games, this year’s moved on to scrabble, jigsaws and whist, mixed with the occasional game of table tennis for the really active.

John and Shirl on the other hand took on the iron man challenge. Here John has been wrestling Shirl’s weaker arm for over four hours, and yet to make his opponent break wind.

Chalk and Cheese

The girls motored on through a 1000 piece jigsaw whilst Howard waited for someone to offer to play with him. Or not.

Table Tennis

Chris on the other hand took on all-comers at the table tennis table until they’d all managed to beat him.

Kitchen Scandal

And if you were wondering what Alan and Rachel were doing whilst all the games were being played, you had to look no further than the kitchen where Rachel claimed she was teaching Alan rule 431 to Obscure Rummy, the three day version.

Child Care Shocker

Shirl kindly offered to undertake some childcare during the week, however all was not as it seemed as he was firstly spotted turning his back after sending one small child to “find some fish” near the raging seas, and forcing several others to stand in a fireplace whilst he got some matches.

When confronted, it turned out all he wanted was somewhere quiet to eat his fish and chips. The children happily celebrated this happy event with flags and bunting.

Tongue Tied

For some time stands still and for Alan his highlight of the week was a conversation about tongues, and what’s the worst that can happen.

Also worth noting is the famed orange sweatshirt, which has attended more holidays than most people, peaking out from under that fine jacket.

Who got the bird?

Despite the weather, we managed a great time watching an owl fly about a bit for hours on end. Chris on the other hand stood for some time wondering whether it would be more fun to jump in the ornamental pond.

Celebrations abound!

Not only did we celebrate the Queen’s jubilee, we actually found her lurking in the garden seeking some peace and quiet. Looking uncannily like Fiona in a mask, the Queen was happy to distribute jelly sweets to all those that found her in an attempt to keep her hideout a secret.

Birthday Boy

Oscar celebrated his birthday by being tied to his father’s leg and being told he was having fun during the three legged race. The photo (left) shows Oscar enjoying writing his first novel as part of the party, whilst his father stands by to correct his spelling mistakes. His Mum on the other hand took him on exciting rides and fed him chocolates. Well cucumber anyway.

Mountain Challenge

In a brief moment of sunshine the kids were sent to climb the nearest mountain in fancy dress, so that the parents could finish their game of scrabble and jigsaws…

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