Cornwall 2006

Activities were the key here, from riding wild horses through to kayaking in the rapids. This was the holiday that saw John’s tennis gear worn for all sorts of sports it wasn’t designed for, like tennis for a start.

Taming the beast

For some reason John was given the biggest horse to ride, maybe because he told the nice lady he had significant experience of having a wild beast between his legs. As she laughed her way up the road, John plodded behind tugging at the reins to little effect.

Game, set, match

Despite her young age, Grace taught John a thing or two about tennis. Firstly take a racket, secondly don’t wear slippy leather soled shoes on a tennis court. As Grace left the court, John could be heard adding the tennis surface to his list of complaints, which included a shaving mirror, power shower and weather, all of which he asked to be fixed by the end of the day.

Sinking fast

As Chris posed for the camera in his kayak, what he hadn’t realised was that he was heading for the waterfall and he was supposed to have his son in the boat with him. Max was last seen swimming his way to the shore looking mightily annoyed with his father.


Is it raining?

Once again the weather played its part, but Chris and Susie proved that even the cold and wet can’t stop a decent bbq. As I took the window from inside one of the cottages, we all waved as wet ate our oven cooked burgers whilst they slaved away over a wet sausage…

Monkey Man

As John showed off his beach wear in a Baywatch sort of a way. Shirl engaged his teaching Grace how to ride faster, by prodding her with a stick every time she slowed down.


Peace Shattered

All Howard wanted was for some peace and quiet with his favourite book and a bit of football on the TV. Unfortunately so did the kids, and they get what they want and he doesn’t. So there.

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