Derbyshire 2008

Thief Drama

As everyone else was distracted being sociable in one room, in another a strange man was seen rummaging for something worth stealing. So what was he looking for? A shaving mirror? Whisky? No, according to police sources he was found with an industrial set of ear plugs….

Derbyshire saw us in isolated cottages huddled around warm fires (when we weren’t making the dash through the snow from the swimming pool).

Alan Not in Orange Sweatshirt Shocker!

As Alan sat down to his share of chicken nuggets and chips, it was noticeable that the famed orange Gap sweatshirt was somewhere else. Explaining its absence, Alan commented that “it needed a good break, so was spending some quality time somewhere warm and sunny where it would be truly appreciated.

And it definitely wasn’t warm in Derbyshire in 2008.


SunSail away

After hearing story after story about how good Sunsail holidays were I decided to try one for myself. Not only that, I took Luke along too to check out the children’s clubs Sadly the trip didn’t live up to the hype, especially the onboard toilet facilities which seemed to require the wearing of a nappy.

Only the once

In an effort to save water and embarrass the kids on their wedding day communal bathing was suggested and enjoyed. There were no takers however for John’s adult version of the same activity, despite him saying he would wave his hands really fast to create the whole hot tub Jacuzzi effect.

He’s Behind You

Hide and seek is always fun, especially when you send Alan away and can have a good laugh about the fact you’re not looking for him, as these ladies did as they share a gin or two on the park bench. After twenty minutes of hiding behind six kids (below) Alan had had enough. Note however the orange sweatshirt peeping out from under the waterproof jacket…could it be?

Eating Machine

Rachel was a little perturbed as the eating machine perched on her lap reached for the spicy madras flavoured crisps.  She knew only too well where that would end up, and she wasn’t going to be changing that nappy!

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