Devon 2011

An old hotel, a swimming pool and lovely gardens, what could possibly be better? Well maybe a sunny day and a warm hot tub, but that would be asking too much of a group holiday.

This was the year Chris introduced us all to poker, Rachel to ‘whist for those with time on their hands’ and Alan to a bright orange sweatshirt. Again.

Games Room Mess

When we arrived the tables were laid, the pool table complete with pool balls and the carpet clean. Something horrible happened and no one bothered to tidy up. Where was Fiona? Couldn’t she clean the kitchen and tidy up in here?

Not big enough for the girls!

It was big and exciting, but the size of the bbq just wasn’t enough to tempt any of the women folk away from the warmth of the house and into the garden.

Alan rewarded us with another outing of the famous orange top, which has been on more holidays than most other people, including Alan.

Alan fails in fish saving attempt

Having rescued the little known ‘plastic blue shark’ from the swimming pool, Alan failed in his attempts to resuscitate it. Not wanting to be bitten by the sharp teeth, his attempt at the kiss of life failed as he tried instead to blow air through another hole, that definitely wasn’t used for breathing.

Please Listen!

As Jackie told the story of her life tucked safely under her winter blanket, Susie couldn’t help wondering where everyone else had disappeared to. Luckily, with her super dark sunglasses Jackie couldn’t tell she’d actually been asleep for the last twenty minutes.

Just a Trim

When Chris visited the local barber for a trim, he hadn’t banked on an unsteady hand and an ultrasharp razor. Unfortunately his trendy white poncho was less fortunate and had to be ditched on the way home,

Big Boy

John spent much of the week explaining why a big extendable lens was the thing to have if you wanted to impress the ladies.

While the girls posed for cute photos in the garden, the boys were being led into a world of strange hats and dances by their parents.

Bombed out

How we laughed as we threw water bombs at each other, until one hit Oscar and social services were called in on account of the child cruelty.

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