France 2009


And the sun shone!

Unusually it was sunny in the summer of 2009, as we set up our tents (or resided in our executive lodges in France. We managed to make friends with our Dutch neighbours with a couple of late night conversations, which usually started with “could you please be quiet”!

The Orangeman

Alan’s special top made it to France, and even brought Alan along too this time. Showing less signs of age than the man inside, Mr Orangetop was pleased to be worn somewhere warmer. Soon to star in an advert for longevity, the top made several celebrity appearances as the only sweatshirt to be worn in 30-degree heat.

In charge

Howard volunteered to play a few games with the kids, here demonstrating the “I read, you do something else game”

Lost at Sea

Having set up a tent village near the sea, Shirl volunteered to look after the kids. To begin with he took them rockpooling, but then forgot to tell them to stand on a high rock as the tide came in.

Holiday Talent

Susie organised a talent show for the kids, which would have been great if they’d had some. My talent was managing to blow out all my birthday candles without catching thehighly flammable blond wig alight. It’s tough when you’re thirty.

Club Rachel

The party didn’t end with the talent show but spilled over into the nightclub scene as Rachel’s rave kicked off in one of the tents. Handing out blue smarties and glow sticks, Rachel assured us they’d all be tucked up and asleep by ten. The next day.

Hair brained

The kids didn’t quite get the fascination of wearing sweaty wigs or orange sweatshirts, so they dressed up as Batman instead.

Long Hair is Cool

Shirl turned up with a tin of beans and a slightly longer hair cut this year. However not satisfied with the one on his head, he took it one step further with the cheap blond wig and unshaven look.

As we chuckled to ourselves that no one could fancy a bloke in a cheap wig, up popped this beauty sporting the matching black wig. There’s someone for everyone in this life!

Would you trust this man?

 Glass of wine in hand, Chris convinced us that he really was the most trustworthy and attractive man you could meet. To prove a point he said he could walk up to any girl and give her a big sloppy kiss. Sadly, even his wife wasn’t having any of it….

Just too tiring

Reports into spoilt children were hotly denied by the holiday crew, as the pulled them around in a cart to save their delicate little feet. Exhausted by the ride, they then took to sleeping wherever they happened to lay there pretty little heads…

A nice meal ruined

After our meal of warm beans and stale bread, we managed to catch up with John and Rachel enjoying a glass of chilled Chablis and some mussels in the local eatery. As we pressed our noses against the glass, John tried his best to ignore us whilst Rachel showed us what we were missing.

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