Middleham 2013

Widely considered “one of the best houses so far”, Middleham House came with a library, snooker table, four close by pubs a castle within walking distance and a view of the graveyard for those of a darker nature.  Lacking only a couple of additional guests, the week was again filled with fun, frolics and jigsaws. Rachel even invented a game called ‘hunt the router’ after a failed Internet  connection meant she had to listed to John’s ramblings once more.

Mr and Mrs

Susie ran a no holds barred Mr and Mrs game, which enlightened us to Chris’s view of her shopping habits and Alan’s ability to count at night. Following what can only be described as an educational evening, Jackie is now preparing pasties in an altogether different way.


John cried tears of gold all week, after losing a frenzied drinking battle against a tea-drinking opponent. Having sworn never to drink it again, he was then seen downing a shot only 48hrs later when Alan informed him it was in fact a truth serum.

Orange is the colour

Everyone’s favourite jumper made a subdued appearance this year. Only allowed one outing at the bbq, there are fears that its time is coming to an end, reinforced by Fi’s declaration that Alan has never really liked it.

Hair today gone tomorrow

John spent a lot of the week considering what product would best turn back time and make him into a thick haired lothario once more. Sadly his hopes turned out to be as false as his memories, as Alan could only offer a 2 for 1 deal on blue rinse.


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