New Forest 2007

As  Luke ran about between the spacious caravans and wide open spaces, John could be heard grumbling in the distance that the caravans were no bigger than his kitchen and he couldn’t bring himself to stay somewhere call Sandy Balls. Little did he know a couple of years later he would be staying in something that was smaller than his kitchen and on a proper camp site…

Feed Me!

Another warm sunny holiday saw Alan’s famous orange top emerge for yet another outing especially for the outside eating experience. As the adults tucked in to their underdone burgers the kids were left to their own devices.


Shirl’s survival courses

As Shirl took charge of the kids once more, this time he led them on a survival course through the wilds of the forest. Seen here teaching Freddie to track New Forest ponies while the child behind falls off a log, his survival of the fittest approach did not sit well with al the parents. Luckily Adi was on hand to rein in his technique and took us all to Longleat to see animals as they should be seen, from inside a car.

Boring on

Without John we had to find some other donkeys to talk to. However, as Ben regaled Grace with tales of how Ben 10 wouldn’t be seen dead talking to a pony, she just dreamed of being princess with him riding to rescue her on his noble New Forest steed.

Beach Babes

You can’t beat a good old British summer and quality time on a beach, unless you go somewhere where the sun shines and it’s altogether warmer.

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