Scotland 1996


Scotland took place before there was a requirement for a mobile phone signal, eateries close by, or in fact anything close by for that matter. People travelled miles with strangers to get here, in cars that were not fit to travel miles, and went home with even stranger people…

These were the days when we took song books, people who could play the guitar, and Alan got so drunk he thought he was John Lennon.

These were also the days when we could drink until dawn then run up the nearest hill (as long as Alan had his map). Well, almost all of us, as John decided it would be better to stay in bed.

As professionals, the inclusion of a gun to help a drinking game seemed hardly wild at the time. Here Alan decides who will not be making any further holidays, or was he using doing it to keep Chris awake?

When the gun was done, we entertained ourselves by handcuffing John’s hands behind his back and telling him the last drop of alcohol was hidden in a small box in front of him.

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