Mojo Resigning

Years of hiding as a pirate following the collapse of one of the UK’s leading retail banks came to end recently for Mr Mojo.

Following detailed investigations, some harassment with old photos, and the promise of a piece of cake, Mr Mojo opened up his kimono to reveal what he’s been doing since those heady days of high finance.

Here we can learn a little more about the random walk process for career choices, something about how not to be a millionaire and how best to blow a promising career.

On resignations…

Having recently resigned from my latest job, I feel it is a good time to reflect on my achievements working for my German paymasters. Firstly, it should be noted that the company is still in existence at the present time, which must be counted as a success of sorts. Admittedly, I can’t promise how it will fare over the coming months, but for all you investors out there, it might not be a bad time to redue your exposure to the German stock exchange.

I must admit though I was touched by the fond farewells. Ok, so there was no leaving card, drinks, meal, present or the like, but at least a couple of people said I would be sorely missed as they fought over my phone and laptop. Perhaps if they’d expressed those same positive sentiments slightly earlier in the process I could have been persuaded to stay. Obviously those positive sentiments would also have had to been linked to higher pay, more holidays and a better quality coffee from the canteen.

I was also slightly disappointed by the informality of it all. Gone are the days of handing over the handwritten note explaining your reasons for going. Now it’s a case of ‘drop me an email and we’ll see when we can be bothered to let you go’. It makes all the agonising over making the decision seem rather pointless, as the ease with which you can leap into the process suggests you could make a hobby of the whole thing.

Note: Since the publication of this said company has indeed ceased to exist.

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